Choosing the Perfect Orthopedic Shoes: A Comprehensive Guide by The Orthotic Labs

Finding the right orthopedic shoes can make a world of difference for individuals dealing with foot, leg, hip, or back issues. At The Orthotic Labs in Ontario, we understand the importance of a tailored footwear solution that combines the best features of both the shoe and the orthotic. This guide aims to help you choose orthopedic shoes that work seamlessly with your orthotics, ensuring comfort and addressing your specific needs.

Understanding Orthopedic Shoes: Orthopedic shoes, characterized by extra width and depth capabilities, are designed to accommodate specific foot conditions and abnormalities. The goal is to create a total footwear solution that optimally combines the benefits of the shoe and the insole, whether custom or not.

Key Considerations:

1. Getting Fitted:

  • Seek professional fitting by certified Pedorthists, specialists in footwear fitting and manufacture.

  • Schedule fittings at the end of the day when feet are most swollen, wearing your usual socks, and bring your orthotics for a comprehensive assessment.

  • Use a "brannock device" for accurate measurements of foot length, width, arch length, and toe length for both feet.

2. Foot Type: Stability vs. Cushioning:

  • Identify your foot type (flat, neutral, or high arches) to determine the appropriate shoe features.

  • Overpronated feet benefit from stability and support, while supinated feet require proper cushioning.

  • Consider additional factors like "toe box shape," "last," "heel counter," and "shank" for a 3-dimensional fitting.

3. Lifestyle Considerations:

  • Evaluate your overall lifestyle, including medical conditions, activity levels, profession, and daily needs.
  • A pedorthist will consider these factors to recommend the right combination of shoes and orthotics.

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    Conclusion: Your feet deserve the best care, and the right orthopedic shoes can make a significant impact. At The Orthotic Labs, our team of professionals is dedicated to assessing your specific needs and recommending the ideal orthotic and shoe combination for your lifestyle. If your current orthotics aren't delivering the expected results, visit us for a personalized assessment and take a step towards comfortable and pain-free living.

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